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Happy Muscles Yoga


The Happy Muscles!™ Yoga muscle care program is choreographed and features easy-to-do, guided, myofascial release techniques for all major muscles in the body. Ideal for those wanting less pain, more movement, more range of motion and overall improvements in muscle performance. Trusted by million dollar muscles, Tiger Tail tools are quick to help with sore, tight muscles, muscle knots, and overall muscle health. The group program is interactive and extremely effective for all-levels, including beginners and elite athletes, plus everyone in-between. Participants report immediate results.

Who This Course is For?

The Happy Muscles!™ Yoga certification course is perfect for:
• Fitness Professionals
• Massage Therapists
• Yoga Instructors
• Physical therapists
• Chiropractors

The knowledge gained in this workshop can be applied to teach group exercise classes, host workshops, improve client outcomes, create an additional source of revenue, as well as, empower the participant with self-care career extending strategies. In addition, due to its choreographed design and ongoing team support, Happy Muscles!™ Yoga can be mastered by the novice professional as well.


Upon completion of the Happy Muscles!™ Yoga certification course, you will be able to:
• Demonstrate an understanding of the science and history of foam rolling by participation in class lecture.
• Understand and explain the benefits of foam rolling using Tiger Tail muscle-care massage tools.
• Model proper technique in the use of the Tiger Tail Tiger Ball® 5.0, The Original™ 18" foam roller, and The Curve Ball® for administration of self-trigger point therapy and myofascial release.
• Learn to teach targeted static stretching with modifications in order to work with a diverse population.
• Demonstrate an overall understanding and comprehension of how to deliver an effective 60-minute Happy Muscles!™ Yoga class by presenting in small groups.
• Support clients and students in choosing the best muscle-care tools for them.

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