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For Your Next Adventure, TigerTail Massage Tools – A Quick Review by Leah Guill

I can’t name one person who doesn’t like to travel. Whether it is traveling to a new place, back home, or to see friends, sign us up for the adventure!

What we wish we could eliminate from the journey are sore and tired muscles that have proven to be unavoidable.

I haven’t found a hotel pillow my neck and back like (maybe we need to stay in nicer hotels!) so by day two of travel, I’m already counting the sleeps until I crawl back into my own bed.

As a fan of foam rolling, I would use it to alleviate sore muscles after workouts but it wasn’t until the suggestion of doing it on the road that I considered bringing a foam roller with me.

Traditional foam rollers are large and dense, taking up precious packing space in my luggage. Plus, foam rollers don’t always address the neck and shoulder pain I would get sleeping away from home.

After some research and attending a certain tequila party in Salt Lake City, UT, I was introduced to Tiger Tail.

Tiger tail has a smart product line designed for home, office and travel use. The versatility in the products is what makes TigerTail so attractive to practical traveler and the on-the-go mom, like myself. Of the eight products TigerTail offers, my favorites are The Roadster, The Curve Ball and The Tiger Ball.

The Roadster is a compact powerhouse of foam rolling I use for my larger muscle groups (think quads, calfs and IT bands).

Its compact size is perfect for a carry on and longer travel times in a car or plane. Personally, I like the look of The Roadster.

We’ve all seen the muscle rollers covered in spikes, bumps and various size balls only to be marketed with soothing colors as a distraction from the torture device they want you to use on your sore muscles!

TigerTail offers a firm roller with no gimmicky textures.

Its black covering is both skin and muscle friendly, easily rolling over the compression leggings I wear during travel.

The smooth rolling allows for an easy flow over sore spots and doesn’t elicit pain when rolled over prominent joints such as knees, hips, or elbows.

The Curve Ball is a great option for the hotel room, office or at home. Its non-slip bottom allows it to be used on the floor and on vertical surfaces like a wall or chair back.

Sometimes the use of one’s bodyweight is too much for trigger points so to be able to control the pressure via leaning is an attractive option.

My mother, who has a head injury, doesn’t possess the balance and strength to roll on a traditional foam roller, The Curve Ball is a great option for her as it provides stability in use.

The Tiger Ball. Oh, my sweet baby Tiger Ball! This little ball packs a lot of punch!

You can use it on horizontal and vertical surfaces, the ball has a tight curvature to fit right in the active trigger points of harder to reach muscles like your subscapularis, plantar fascia, individual ribs, upper trapezius, piriformis, pectoralis, etc.

With the ball and string construction, this is by far the most versatile knot buster I have used. Perfect for traveling or keep it in your desk drawer! After a long day at the computer, this ball can help with rotated ribs, sore neck muscles and tight feet from heels.

The return of fresh blood back into the muscles as they release and relax is the gift that keeps on giving with the TigerTail line. I invite you to try one of the products from TigerTail and with a three-year warranty, you really can’t go wrong!

For Your Next Adventure, TigerTail Massage Tools – A Quick Review