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Tiger Tail Methods, Classes and CEU Programs

A Mission to Make Millions of Muscles Happy

Tiger Tail USA is on a mission to make millions of muscles happy. We manufacture best-in-class, professional-grade muscle massage, and recovery tools to relieve muscle knots. Our full line of muscle care products helps people manage pain naturally without medication.

Tiger Tail Methods: Active Recovery 
Instructor Certification

Tiger Tail Methods: Active Recovery Instructor Certification is an industry-approved, 8-hour CEU program for those wanting to incorporate an official muscle recovery program into their health club, clinic, studio, athletic program, corporate wellness offerings, etc. Attendees will learn how to deliver a choreographed, 50-minute, myofascial release/muscle care program for all ages and abilities (modifications provided!). Learn More!

Tiger Tail Stretch & Flex Method
Programs for Corporations

Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) account for approximately 30% of all workers’ compensation costs in the workplace and are the largest category of injuries in the workplace according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Regular stretching and flexibility training, combined with Tiger Tail Self-Myofascial Release Techniques (TTSMRT) can help reduce pain and common injuries to muscles. Read our Case Study with MacDonald-Miller.

Tiger Tail Stretch & Flex Method

Reduce Employees’ Injury and Fatigue

The Tiger Tail Stretch & Flex Method helps minimize employee fatigue and reduce injuries by implementing onsite stretching and flexibility exercises. These programs emphasize the importance of incorporating a stretching routine during workplace safety meetings, encouraging workers, (particularly those in physically demanding roles) to dedicate 10 minutes daily to stretching exercises. The program is tailored for all levels to enhance flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being.

Tiger Tail Recess at Work Method

Get Your Recess Rolling

Everyone knows that when you take care of your body, your mind is more productive. We want your team to access their potential. This is not complicated or expensive, but the need is real, and the results are impressive.

Make time for some work-n-roll. Take 5-10 minutes to roll sedentary or fatigued muscles during your recess… roll as a group, with a friend/co-worker, or solo in your home office.

Muscles FAQ


Well-documented clinical research has concluded 70-85% of all pain is believed to come from little tiny knots in the muscle (clinically known as trigger points). The good news is pain caused by muscle knots can be easy to fix. The bad news is that our instinct is to run to the doctor, or reach for medication, every time something hurts. Unfortunately, not many doctors understand that muscle knots can be the root cause of pain. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reports U.S. health care spending reached 2.9 trillion in 2013. But what does that humongous number mean to the average person?