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What sets us apart?

Quite simply, we want to teach you why your muscles hurt and where is the source of the pain. Our competitors only want to teach you “how to roll” – and quite frankly, anyone can do that. Only we do what we do. Our founder, Spring Faussett, always says, “Muscles talk. I listen.” When she comes up with a new product, she pays attention with striking detail on how to design the product so it works best with the body, muscles, fascia, and your hands.

Our passion for helping people with their pain is deeply rooted in our culture at Tiger Tail USA. In fact, we wrote “the book” on how to get out of pain—literally. Spring has many “self-inflicted” pain stories – like most of us do. Some of Spring’s pain problems were so tricky, the only way she got out of her pain was to do her own research and go on (what felt like) a never-ending quest to find answers and solutions. The result was a book she co-authored, “Happy Muscles: Self-Help Guide to Un-Knot Muscle Pain.” This book helps condense thousands of pages of research and knowledge into a simple to read, fully illustrated, 84-page book that simplifies all the hard stuff and puts you on a fast-track path to get out of pain.


Our founder, Spring, always incorporates our signature GRIPTION® technology on the surface of the tools she designs and brings to the market. With GRIPTION technology incorporated into each surface, each tool delivers deep grip and friction to help dig into the muscle and bust out muscle knots. This specially designed surface grips the skin, muscle, and fascia and moves the tissues together and away from each other to enable myofascial release.  

Superior Designs

All of our Tiger Tail tools, quickly and comfortably, massage any part of the body, most without having to get on the ground. All of our tools can be used by all ages, body types, physical ability, solo or with a buddy. The design allows you to use as little or as much pressure to get the job done. All of our surfaces are skin and muscle-friendly. Each of our tools offers smooth, superior handling. No hard, cold plastics, spindles, or beads. No pinched skin, pulled hair, or snagged clothing. Each is super easy to clean. No matter what hurts, we have the tool that will work on the muscle group you need help with: neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, shins, feet, psoas, and more.

Our Flagship Products

Quickly and comfortably massage any part of the body without getting on the ground. Its firm design—no bending or breaking – allows you to use as little or as much pressure to get the job done. The foam cover is skin and muscle-friendly. Center spins smoothly offering superior handling. No hard, cold plastics, spindles, or beads. No pinched skin, pulled hair, or snagged clothing. Super easy to clean. Works on all muscle groups, including; neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves, shins, feet, psoas, and more.

Top Ten Reasons why Tiger Tail is the best!

Proud To Toot Our Own Horn!

That’s Tiger Tail on the COVER of Runner’s World magazine in Sweden!

1) USA made.

We are committed to maintaining a USA-manufacturing division. More than 85% of products sold are made in Seattle, Washington.

2) Female-owned business.

Founded in 2006 by athlete/inventor Spring Faussett.

3) Design, quality, effectiveness and results.

Nothing can compare to our industry-leading, award-winning, ergonomic design; the quality and effectiveness of our products; or the results we deliver in muscle care. All products are invented in-house.

4) Exclusive Tiger Tail Gription® Technology.

All tools offer deep grip and friction on fascia and muscles to bust out knots and sore muscles.

5) Education.

Tiger Tail is on a mission to educate the masses. Knowledge about muscle recovery, enhancing performance, and injury prevention by treating muscular asymmetries, trigger points, fascia lines, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and more will allow us to self-help at all levels.

6) Muscle-friendly!

No spindles, beads, deep grooves or gaps on any of our products. No pinched skin, no pulled hair, no snagged clothing.

7) Easy to clean.

Non-porous, non-deteriorating materials. No trapped bacteria. Easy to clean with antibacterial gel or spray.

8) Allergen-free.

No rubber or latex.

9) Three-year, no-hassle warranty.   *excludes electronics

10) Outstanding customer service.        Family owned and operated.

The Original™ 18″ — Our Most Popular Portable Massage Stick.

Perfect for personal use; it works great for both upper and lower body massage. Quickly massage any part of the body without getting down on the ground. Firm design—no bending or breaking.

18” long, 10“ massage surface.

The Long One™ 22″ — Sometimes Size Matters.

Less flexible? Broader back and shoulders? This is the size for you! Perfect for back massage or massaging your buddy.

22” long, 14” massage surface.

The Roadster™ 11″ — Powerfully Portable.

Meet your new travel companion massage tool. All the power of the Tiger Tail Portable Foam Roller in a smaller package. Packs easily into sports bags, travel bags, cars…even in office drawers. Plus, it’s a fantastic foot massager!

11.5” long, 7.25” massage surface.

Tiger Ball® 2.6″ Massage-On-A-Rope

Have a muscle knot you just can’t reach in your upper back, lower back, or shoulder? Hold on to the ropes, and position the ball right where you need it. Lean up against a wall or lie down on the ground and simply press away. Also, perfect for massaging and busting out muscle knots in the piriformis, hamstrings, hips, glutes, and other spots wanting deep pressure.

2.6” massage surface, 55” long rope, 8 mm thick rope.

Tiger Ball® 5.0 — Foam Roller Ball

The Tiger Ball 5.0 is lightweight, great for travel, and perfect for bigger muscle groups, such as hamstrings, hips, glutes, back, and shoulders. Ball massage surface provides targeted muscle care and relief of minor muscle aches and soreness. Use your weight as leverage and roll away. The ball won’t change shape despite the pressure or body weight. Use on the floor, chair, bed or wall.

5.0” massage surface.

The Curve Ball® — Stationary Foam Roller — Throwing a Curve at Deep Tissue Muscle Massage.

This patent-pending inventive tool offers stable and controlled deep muscle massage. The orange flat base is grippy, which means it won’t slide around. It stays in one place, allowing for sustained traction on the muscle. Curved massage surface provides targeted muscle care and relief of minor muscle aches and soreness. Use your weight as leverage and let the tool do the work!

Dimension: 5.5” x 5.5” x 3.25” .

The Knotty Tiger® — Knot Buster + Shoulder Rub.

This powerful little Knot Buster® massage tool is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand. Saves your hands and fingers from fatigue. You can achieve the pressure of a deep tissue massage without the use of an elbow. Portable, easy-to-pack size — The Knotty Tiger can go anywhere! There are three different trigger point curves to apply varied amounts of pressure. Easy to hold “Non-slip grip” feature. Hard, firm and smooth surface glides over clothing.

2.75” massage surface with 3 trigger point curves

The Big One™ — The New King of Foam Rollers.

Break up trigger points and release muscle tightness. Great for sore backs, IT bands, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and more. Built to last with Tiger Tail’s stamp of quality. Won’t break down. Rigid hollow core with a durable foam cover. Sleek, powerful, and easy to clean.

15” long, 5.5” diameter.

Selections that work well together:

The Foot Muscle Care Kit collects amazing tools that’s perfect for massaging small muscles in the foot, back, shoulders and more. This kit includes 3 muscle care tools: The Roadster™ 11” Tiger Ball® 1.7, Happy Muscles Book.

The Head & Shoulder Muscle Care Kit brings together amazing tools to massage your head, neck, and shoulder. Did you know that neck and shoulder massage can help you relieve muscle tensions that are causing headache and migraine? This kit includes 4 muscle care tools: The Classic™ 18″, Knotty Tiger®, Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope, Happy Muscles Book.

The Back Muscle Care Kit is a combination of amazing tools created to work out muscle knots and relieve sore muscles in the back, shoulders, glutes and other hard to reach muscles. You can work with it on the floor, bed, chair, wall, by yourself. This kit includes 6 muscle care tools: The Long One™ 22″, Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope, Tiger Ball® 5.0, The Curve Ball®, The Big One™, Happy Muscles® Book.

The Ultimate Muscle Care Kit offers all of Tiger Tail’s amazing tools to massage your whole body from head to toe, help relieve sore muscles, sooth stress and tension, and recover.
This kit includes 11 muscle care tools: The Classic™ 18″, The Long One™ 22”, The Roadster™ 11”, Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope, Tiger Ball® 5.0, Tiger Ball® 1.7, The Curve Ball, The Knotty Tiger, The Big One, The Strappy Tiger, Happy Muscles Book



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