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Tiger Tail USA is on a mission to make millions of muscles happy. Tiger Tail USA manufactures best-in-class, professional-grade muscle massage, and recovery tools to relieve muscle knots. Our full line of muscle care products helps people manage pain naturally without medication.

Just 5 minutes per day helps companies:


  • Productivity
  • Happiness & Teamwork
  • Physical & Mental Wellness
  • Muscle Injury & Pains/Strains
  • Recordable Events
  • Sick Time & Days Gone

Case Study: MacDonald-Miller

Design-Build Contractor Finds Success with the Tiger Tail 18″ Original.

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is a full-service design-build mechanical contractor specializing in the medical and biotech industries. With over 1000 employees in over 11 locations in the Pacific Northwest, injury prevention is a top priority for MacDonald-Miller.

Prevention is the Key To Success

In physically demanding professions, there is a high emphasis on reducing or eliminating “recordable” injuries and claims. OSHA defines a recordable injury or claims as one that causes an employee to receive medical care beyond first aid, hospitalization, job reassignment, or duty restriction. At MacDonald-Miller, the primary cause of recordable injuries and claims are muscle strain and over-extension, with back injuries being the most problematic.

Lee Pyfrom, Director of Safety, recognized incorporating additional preventative measures would go a long way toward increasing employee physical agility and health, as well as further reducing on-the-job injuries.

Solutions to Reduce Recordable Injuries – The Deciding Moment

In 2019 Pyfrom attended a regional safety event where muscle rolling was being demonstrated in conjunction with stretching exercises that would increase mobility and prevent muscle injury. Though the information was met with slight skepticism by Pyfrom, he was pleasantly surprised to experience first-hand evidence of the claim after participating in the demonstration.

Pyfrom purchased 100 of 18” Tiger Tail original rolling muscle massagers to incorporate myofascial release and muscle rolling into the MacMiller Stretch and Flex pre-shift program. “Adding muscle rolling with the 18” Original Tiger Tail to our pre-shift Stretch and Flex Program was successful, resulting in a decrease in back injuries,” Pyfrom said. The key to success with employee adoption was to demonstrate the tool within the context of the MacMiller Stretch and Flex Program.

From 2020 to the present MacDonald-Miller’s implementation of muscle rolling achieved the following:

  • Recordable injuries dropped 67%
  • Recordable injuries fell from four (4) per year to ONLY one (1) injury in four (4) years total.
  • Bottom-line savings: $77,900 since implementing Tiger Tail rollers into its programs, saving an average cost of $5,000 per injury

Pyfrom believes these savings will continue to increase as the adoption of muscle rolling across company divisions expands. Currently, it is being implemented in key sectors and is planned to expand to office staff as well as other departments within the company.

Future plans include:

  • Adding demonstration videos produced by Tiger Tail USA for employee reference
  • T-1000 massage guns for muscle relief stations


When asked what Pyfrom would like to highlight about using Tiger Tail USA muscle recovery tools, he had this to say, “Being a safety professional, I‘m always looking for something that will make a positive impact in regard to injury prevention, and in my 20 years experience this has been one of the most successful campaigns I have been a part of that has made a positive difference in preventing back injuries.”


  • Recordable injuries dropped 67%
  • Recordable injuries fell from four (4) per year to ONLY one (1) injury in four (4) years total
  • Bottom-line savings: $77,900 since implementing Tiger Tail rollers into its programs, saving an average cost of $5,000 per injury


  • MCA National Safety Award Winner 2014
  • Association of General Contractors 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Safety Excellence Award Winner
  • Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce Hard Hat Safety Award winner 2019 and 2020
  • NECA Safety Excellence Award Winner 2018, 2021 and 2022
  • National Association of Women in Construction Region 9 2014 Safety Award winner
  • MCA Safety Excellence Award 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2020


  • Reduce recordable events
  • Increase productivity
  • Save money

Tiger Tail Stretch & Flex Method

Reduce Employees Injury And Fatigue

Reduce employee injury and fatigue by incorporating the Tiger Tail Stretch and Flex Method into your workplace. This Tiger Tail Method minimizes employee fatigue and reduces injuries by implementing onsite stretching and flexibility exercises. It emphasizes the importance of incorporating a stretching routine during workplace safety meetings, encouraging workers, particularly those in physically demanding roles, to dedicate 10 minutes daily to stretching exercises. The program is tailored for all levels to enhance flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being.

Corporate Recess Method

Get Your Recess Rolling

Everyone knows that when you take care of your body, your mind is more productive. We want your team to access their potential. This is not complicated or expensive, but the need is real, and the results are impressive.

Make time for some work-n-roll. Take 5-10 minutes to roll sedentary or fatigued muscles during your recess… roll as a group, with a friend/co-worker, or solo in your home office.

Interested in a custom wellness solution?

Tiger Tail USA offers customized employee wellness programs for office, retail, industrial workers, and more. For more information, email [email protected] or call 206-395-7811