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NBC Select — 8 best foam rollers, according to experts

This option from Tiger Tail features non-slip grip handles on either side that can help you guide the roller exactly where you’re targeting and “allow [it] to glide back and forth on the muscle with good stability and pressure,” says Conrad. Because of its firmer feel, this roller can be an effective option for soothing tight thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps, as well as pinpointing stubborn sore muscle areas and “getting rid of chronic muscle tightness,” he adds. The Tiger Tail Massage Stick comes in three sizes: 11 inches, 18 inches and 22 inches.

Travel+Leisure — The 11 Best Foam Rollers of 2024

Foam rollers aren’t just for the gym: you can relieve your muscle tension wherever you are, thanks to smaller products that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Weighing just 11.2 ounces, this slim massage stick fits easily in a gym bag or personal item, making it a convenient option to carry around. It’s designed to be used while standing or sitting, allowing you to reach most of your muscles on your own in order to release trigger points or stimulate muscles pre- and post-workout.

New York Times Wirecutter — The Best Foam Rollers

The rolling-pin-like Tiger Tail Original is made of foam-covered plastic with comfy rubberized handles. Given its petite size, it’s great for travel, as well as for digging into smaller spots on the body, particularly the neck and calves. On the flip side, it’s not nearly as good at SMR for larger muscle groups—you simply can’t get the same level of pressure or expansiveness as you can by lying on top of a large foam roller—so it’s best used as a supplemental product.

Running Insight — Recovery Effort

Tiger Tail’s Knotty Tiger ICE is a cold massage roller ball that features a steel cooling ball. This massage therapy tool packs a punch for busting out knots, soothing tight muscles, and relieving stress and tension.

Runner’s World — The Best Foam Rollers for Runners

When you want to work out sore quads and calves without getting down on the ground and using your body weight, the Tiger Tail is the best tool for the job. It has comfy rubber grips that won’t shift in your hands as you press hard into sore muscles. It’s long and lightweight, and easy to angle into any part of the body. And the foam cover is just cushioned enough that you can really dig in without unnecessary suffering.

i Run Far — Best Foot Massagers of 2023

While testing all sorts of foot massagers for this guide, the TigerTail Tiger Footsie Massage Roller is one I found myself reaching for repeatedly. It’s designed with a concave shape that dips in the middle and is perfect for cradling the foot’s arch. Two rollerblade-like wheels on either side roll easily over carpet, tile, or hardwood floors. — The 7 best foam rollers to relieve muscle soreness

The Tiger Tail Massage Stick is a compact and portable massage tool that can be used to dig into tight spots. It has a three-year warranty and comes in three lengths. The massage stick works like a rolling pin and can be used in a variety of positions.

GQ Magazine — The best foam rollers to limber up and aid recovery

A break from the roller norm, Tiger Tail’s more travel-friendly stick lets you target areas of the body in need of recovery or a proper warm-up without having to get down on the ground. The closed-cell foam design means it won’t soak up moisture and you can also give it a wipe-down when things get a bit sweaty.

GetSweatGo — The 12 best foam rollers: For running, gym, cycling and recovery

The Tiger Tail Long One is a massage stick that can be used in a standing or seated position, making it more portable and less antisocial than traditional foam rollers. It can be used to massage muscles that are difficult to reach with a foam roller, and the different positions it can be used in provide a different effect on the muscles.

The New York Times — The Best Foam Rollers

The Tiger Tail is a portable self-myofascial release tool that is lightweight and can dig into tight spots. It is made of foam-covered plastic with comfy rubberized handles. It is great for travel and for digging into smaller spots on the body, but it is not as good for larger muscle groups.

New York Magazine — Strat Face-off: Battle of the Muscle Massagers

The author found that a large foam roller was too big for her small apartment, so she found a smaller, handheld foam roller called Tiger Tail. The Tiger Tail is more portable and easier to use on hard-to-reach areas, such as the neck, back, and IT band. The author still uses the large foam roller at the gym, but she prefers the Tiger Tail for home use.

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Today — Marathon must-haves if you are thinking about running those 26.2 miles

Before running, do dynamic stretches to warm up your body. After running, do static stretches to cool down and relax your muscles. Dynamic stretches (lunges, leg swings, arm circles, twists, etc.) are meant to be done while moving, such as lunges and twists. Static stretches (Hamstring stretch, Quadriceps Stretch, Calf Stretch, etc.) are held for longer periods of time, such as 20-30 seconds.

The New York Times — Fitness Gear To Go

Traveling can wreak havoc on your fitness. If you are lucky, all the sightseeing you do on foot will cancel out the nighttime eating and drinking. But what if you are at a convention or stuck in meetings all day? Welcome to your fitness nightmare. Here are six things you can bring along to help you work out — and feel better — while away, no matter what kind of trip you’re on.

Practical Travel Gear — For Your Next Adventure, TigerTail Massage Tools – A Quick Review

The author is a fan of foam rolling but traditional foam rollers are large and dense, taking up precious packing space in luggage. Tiger Tail massage tools are a more compact and versatile option for traveling, with products designed for different muscle groups. The author recommends the Roadster, Curve Ball, and Tiger Ball for their portability, effectiveness, and comfort.