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First Ever 24K Gold Self-Help Body Roller Released by Tiger Tail USA


SEATTLE, WA (July 26, 2017) – The first ever, 24K gold self-help body massage roller is now available from Tiger Tail USA, the maker of really awesome massage tools. Trusted by Million Dollar Muscles®, the company is releasing the new product, The Tiger Tail 24K, at Summer Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. The Tiger Tail 24K is plated in 24K gold, is fabricated from 100% billet bronze, and weighs in at almost five pounds. The tool is used for myofascial release, self-help massage and trigger point therapy, and will be on display during tradeshow hours at Outdoor Retailer. The retail price of the myofascial release tool will be $5,000.

“The Tiger Tail name and products are trusted by elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those suffering from trigger point aches and muscle soreness alike. We had a very special customer come to us with an exceptional request, so we decided to take our body roller to the next level and create the first ever 24K gold option,” said Spring Faussett, President and Inventor at Tiger Tail USA. “The Tiger Tail 24K goes beyond just myofascial release benefits and gives luxury to those looking for a body roller option.”

The Tiger Tail 24K is a solid gold coated instrument that can be used on clothes or skin to deliver relief minor aches and muscle soreness. The product uses Gription® technology to help mobilize muscle and fascia to create fascia glide. The help with fascia manipulation allows for the Sticky Acid H (hyaluronic acid) to become more fluid-like, assisting with fascia glide and helping to remove myofascial restriction and adhesions. The design of the instrument provides loosening and relaxing of muscles in warm-up and recovery, along with bringing luxury to the fitness regimen. Faussett, co-author of Happy Muscles Self-Help Guide to Un-Knot Your Pain, created The Tiger Tail 24K to appease the demand for happy muscles from the company’s elite clientele.

Each Tiger Tail 24K will come with its own serial number and equipment case. The Tiger Tail 24K will be custom manufactured for special customers, and have a four week lead time for delivery. For those customers wanting the performance of the 24K, but not the price tag, The Tiger Tail S3 will be available beginning in September, and will be made of solid stainless steel, at an estimated retail price of $499.


Founded by a former athlete, Tiger Tail USA products are used and recommended by doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals. Tiger Tail products are carried by awesome retailers and catalogs worldwide, including Target, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Scheels, Sport Chek, The Running Room, Sweat Shop, Perform Better, Power Systems and 85% of all Tiger Tail products manufactured are made in the USA (Kent, WA).



The story of Tiger Tail started because Faussett had “self-inflicted” pain from all the sports she chose to play. She played soccer for more than thirty years including Division I varsity at Washington State University. From the first prototype, to building the first 20,000 in her garage, her Tiger Tail products have helped hundreds of thousands of people manage their pain. Faussett has personally helped over 100,000 people through education of trigger points at hundreds of tradeshows and events across the country.


One little knot, one big $5,000 problem. Fourteen years ago Spring Faussett had excruciating back pain. After two months of continuously worsening pain she went to a doctor. This was the start of a 1.5 year journey through the medical system costing over $5,000. Misdiagnosed, over-treated and medicated, she ultimately discovered the root cause of her pain was a simple trigger point (muscle knot). This experience later influenced her invention of the Tiger Tail portable foam roller and sent her on a mission to help others solve their muscle pain. Happy Muscles is an easy-to-follow, self-help guide to un-knot pain. The book features muscle knot illustrations from head to toe, over 260 pain mapping patterns, trigger point locations, and self-help treatments for the entire body. Based on medical research and actual years in the field working with individuals suffering from muscle pain, Happy Muscles includes a Q&A section, Muscle Knot Treatment information, and 23 chapters covering muscle pain. Each chapter contains muscle knot locations and pain mapping illustrations to help readers pinpoint the root cause of their pain and resolve it with self-massage. The chapters also include side bar information titled “I Feel” and “Causes” further helping readers identify their pain.

As featured in Men’s Journal: The $5,000 Foam Roller Is Here — And Worth Every Penny