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Foam Roller Massage Stick

Featuring Tiger Tail Gription™ Technology

Side-By-Side Comparsion

Tiger Tail Original 18"

Foam Roller Massage Stick. The #1 choice of athletic trainers and physical therapists across the USA. Made in USA.

Made In USA

Easy to clean: closed-cell/non-porous/medical foam

Always in stock and ready to ship

Tough commercial grade construction

Cushioned massage surface

Continuous massage surface

Quiet! Superior, smooth and quiet rolling

Instantly warm to touch

Three (3) year, no-hassle warranty

Exclusive Gription® technology

Firm design does not bend for controlled pressure

Ergonomic, comfortable grips

In business, manufactured in Kent, WA since 2006

US Utility Patent (No. 9,107,795)

Multiple sizes available: 22" / 18" / 11"


The Stick (and other knockoffs)

The company lost focus and couldn’t get inventory. Business closed/shut down. Made in China.

Made in China but did not disclose on packaging

Bacteria, skin cells, hair follicles gets trapped in beads

Out of stock/supply chain problems

Will break and beads fly everywhere

Hard plastic surface beads

1" beads pinch skin/pull out hair/trap bacteria

1" beads rattle/are loud and noisy

Cold plastic on touch

No warranty available

Plastic surface slips on clothes and skin

Flimsy and feels easy to break

Hard plastic grips

Shut down/Out of business


Multiple sizes available


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The Original™ 18”

Our most popular portable massage stick size.