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3 Minerals to Keep Our First Responders’ Muscles Happy

As a thank you to the firefighters, policemen and women, and other first responders who put their lives on the line to serve us, we dedicate this post. Thank you for your service.

It comes as no surprise that our first responders need to be physically able to do their job. Needless to say, the ability to perform a task during a shift might be the difference between life and death.

Our first responders, when called into action, need nearly the same amount of energy as champion athletes do just to do their job. These first responders need the right fuel to keep performing at their top! Of course, carbs and fats are critical to keeping energy levels up while performing and protein is a necessity for post-workout muscular repair.

But the importance of minerals and hydration are often overlooked.


I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that eating a banana can help stave off muscle cramps. There’s a reason you’ve heard it so many times…it’s true! Potassium, a mineral in bananas, sweet potatoes, and yogurt, helps regulate electrical signals to your muscles.


Your body loses sodium through sweat, especially during prolonged exercise. As a first responder, you might find yourself “exercising” for hours while on a scene without thinking twice about your own health. Make sure to take a few moments and chow down on pretzels for some sodium and carbs to keep you working strong. Plus, the salty snack will have you craving some water, a good way to keep hydrated.


Did you know low levels of calcium can lead to muscle cramps? Grab some yogurt, dark leafy greens, cheese, or milk to help replenish your calcium stores.

Even better, go for the chocolate milk. That’s right! I’m giving you the excuse to enjoy a nostalgic childhood treat. Athletes and trainers tout chocolate milk as a catch-all workout recovery drink. With double the carb and protein content of plain milk or most sports drinks, chocolate milk is perfect for getting those tired muscles healed and ready to go again tomorrow. So keep some chocolate milk in the fridge at the station for a special treat that will help you recover.

We hope you stock up on some quick, muscle-friendly snacks you can keep on you during your work day. Hopefully snacking on those will keep your muscles happy and cramp free!

How do you keep your muscles happy when you have a physically intensive job?