Discovering Tiger Tail On The Fly

I started using Tiger Tail products in 2015 while I was participating in a 218.3-mile relay race called the Wild Rogue Rely, which takes place in Southern Oregon. I came into that race babying my hamstrings which were on the verge of failing me from over training. I was lucky enough to have a teammate who brought his “Classic” Tiger Tail USA roller! He showed me how I could use this tool to work my muscles and help me with the nagging issues I was having. At every transition where we would hand off to the next runner, I would be outside the van working on my legs with that roller (that is if I wasn’t trying to catch a few minutes of sleep)! When it was my turn to run, I was ready to go and compete at the level I wanted to.

Now that I know and understand the benefits of rolling and trigger point treatment, Tiger Tail USA’s products have become a part of my daily training and racing routine. I warm up my legs by rolling them out with the Roadster as well as some dynamic stretching. I love the Roadster because it’s compact (only 11.5”) which means I can carry it with me just about anywhere. That includes drop bags for ultra races where it is especially handy to help prevent tightness and cramping at aid stations. After my workouts or a race, I hit my legs again with the Roadster, do some static stretching and use the Tiger Ball on my feet and shoulder blades to help with potential soreness that could develop.

With a large race schedule in 2017, I will be relying on these massage tools to help me stay injury-free and cross the finish line strong!


Jason Haddy
Tiger Tail USA Ambassador
Instagram: @jason_runs_pnw