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Knotty Dots® with Tiger Tape™ Patches


Knotty Dots™ with Tiger Tape™ Patches and Fix “Ow” Now Self-Help Guide Book, featuring pain mapping patterns, trigger point locations, and self-help treatments from head to toe. The Knotty Dots stimulate the trigger point/muscle knots, like acupuncture without the needle, while the Tiger Tape Patches attach the Knotty Dots to your skin, allowing constant pressure on your muscle knots/trigger points. Simply place the Knotty Dot on the skin over the muscle knots/trigger points designated by the “x” on the self-help guide book and let it massage you throughout the day. Kit includes: 8 Knotty Dots, 16 Tiger Tape Patches, and 1 Self-Help Guide Book


PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any type of massage therapy or treatment, seek the advice of a physician.

Knotty Dots with Tiger Tape Patches: Needle-Free Acupuncture Treatment for Muscle Knots

  • Knotty Dots provide needle-free acupuncture to muscle knots, trigger points & referred pain areas
  • Simulates needle-free acupuncture or finger pressure massage for a targeted trigger point release
  • Provides active & passive pressure point treatment to relieve sore muscles & aid muscle recovery
  • Constant pressure therapy on muscle knots & trigger points stimulates & relieves troubled areas
  • Relieves stress, tension & discomfort in the head, neck, back, shoulder, arm, elbow, knee, shin & calf muscles
  • Kit includes 10-page Happy Muscles–Fast! Self-Help Guide Book ($12.95 retail) with more than 100 pain mapping illustrations

Quick Instruction

  • Attach Knotty Dot to the sticky side of the Tiger Tape.
  • Place the Tiger Tape with the Knotty Dot on the intended muscle knot. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Avoid placing the tape on injured or blistered skin. Most skin types, including sensitive skin, can wear for 16-24 hours
  • The Knotty Dot works like a “thumb” tool. You may add pressure while adhering to the skin to further stimulate the muscle knot or leave it alone as you’re doing your daily activities.
  • Please remove Tiger Tape Patch after 24 hours of use and replace it with a new one.


  • Made in USA – Patent Pending
  • Knotty Dot is made with silicon – 0.625″ massage surface
  • Tiger Tape® adhesive is skin-friendly, breathable – 2.25″ x 2.25″ surface
  • Kit includes 10-page Happy Muscles–Fast! Self-Help Guide Book ($12.95 retail) with more than 100 pain mapping illustrations

Who Can Benefit

Someone who carries stress and tension in their head, neck, back, shoulders, arm, elbow, knee, shin, calf, and other small muscles. Constant massage saves hands, fingers, and thumbs from fatigue. With the right amount of pressure, it actually can feel like a “thumb” tool – where someone is using their thumb or fingers to help dig into some of the tough, tight muscles.

Where Does It Work Best

Works best on the head, neck, back, shoulders, arm, elbow, knee, shin, and calf and other small muscles.

Additional information

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Refer to the “FIX OW NOW” Self-Help Guide Book to locate trigger points/muscle knots.
Make sure skin is clean and dry.
Set tape square down with printed paper side facing up.
Peel away backing tape from the adhesive side of the square.
With adhesive side facing up, place Knotty Dot (with Knotty Dot flat side down) onto the center of the square tape (dome side up).
With Knotty Dot stuck to the center of the adhesive tape, pick up and place dome side of Knotty Dot on the skin over trigger point/muscle knot area.
Press adhesive tape area firmly to skin around Knotty Dot.
To interact with muscle knot area, press on Knotty Dot for 10-30 seconds periodically throughout the day.
You may leave on skin for up to 24 hours.
Knotty Dots can be used repeatedly by peeling from used tape and applying again with a new tape square.
1. Choking hazard. Small parts — keep away from children and pets.
2. Do not apply adhesive tape to skin if skin area is broken or irritated.
3. If adhesive tape causes skin irritation, burning, itching, or any discomfort, remove immediately.
4. People with sensitive skin may notice slight skin redness after removing adhesive tape.
5. Adhesive tape may pull out body hair when removing.
6. Adhesive tape is for one use only.

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