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The Spiky Roller


If you love acupressure and you love to foam roll, look no further and try the Acupressure Massage Roller. This tool is great for someone who carries stress and tension in the feet and/or suffers from headaches. Acupressure helps release Endorphins, providing the body with an analgesic effect (pain relief) while foam rolling is great for breaking up muscle knots and releasing muscle tightness. Try rolling on the muscles for 2-3 minutes (or longer) and feel the difference. Work your way up to 15-20 minutes.


PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any type of massage therapy or treatment, seek the advice of a physician.

The Spiky Roller

  • Muscle-friendly, easy-to-use massage tool
  • Reduce muscle and fascia tension
  • Helps roll and smooth out skin
  • Stimulate endorphins for natural pain care
  • Promote relaxation and wellness
  • Aid natural sleep

The Spiky Roller provides deep-tissue massage for muscle treatment and relief. Roll on sore muscles to stimulate myofascial recovery, increase blood circulation in the area, and release muscle tension and tightness. Great for massaging muscles in your neck, arms, waist, legs, shoulders, and back. Try rolling on the muscles for 2-3 minutes (or longer) and feel the difference. Work your way up to 15-20 minutes a day and slowly increase the pressure to your comfort level. Durable and designed to last with frequent use.

Special Features

  • 3 ABS independent spiky ball rollers
  • Balls roll smoothly over muscles and clothes
  • Firm design—designed to last
  • Portable, easy-pack design
  • Soft grip handles for a comfortable and secure grip


  • 15.5” long
  • 6.5” massage surface
  • 10.4 ounces
  • No-hassle, three-year warranty

Who Can Benefit

Someone looking for a total body massage that is super quick and easy to do on your own. No buddy required. Top athletes and yard work warriors alike, use this product – so pretty much anyone with muscles will love this tool.

Where Does It Work Best

With this roller, you can massage more than 95% of your body on your own. With a buddy, 100%. Our most popular portable massage stick size. Perfect for personal use, it works great for both upper and lower body work. Massages and works out muscle knots in all muscle groups including neck, shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Shoulder massages feel best with a buddy helping you. Easy to use at work, use after exercise, travel with or put in a backpack.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 2 × 2 in


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  • Pre-activity: Warm up muscles and help prepare muscles for activity by rolling each muscle group 15-30 seconds.
  • During activity: Roll to help relieve minor muscle problems that might feel like: aches, soreness and tightness.
  • Post-activity: Roll to help prevent minor aches, soreness and discomfort.
Apply about 10 pounds of pressure over muscles (+/- depending upon your needs) with your Tiger Tail hand-held foam rollers.
Relaxing your muscles during this process will help you massage the “belly” of the muscle.
You are the judge of how much pressure to apply. Strive for a “good hurt”- from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10. “Grimacing” with pressure can be described as that “hurts so good” feeling. It’s not unusual for people to laugh and/or get really serious when applying this type of pressure on a muscle knot. This is usually where we see the best success.
Always follow muscle paths. Massage each muscle group 10-20 seconds. With each pass, gently press deeper into the muscle. Avoid massaging directly over bones.
Tender muscle knots can reduce range of motion while causing minor aches, discomfort and muscle fatigue. Knots come in various sizes, like a pin head, pea, noodle or small pickle.
Minor discomfort or tenderness may be experienced when passing over muscle knots. To minimize knots, apply 10 seconds of firm, constant, focused strokes, for three sets.
Recurring or stubborn muscle knots often need additional attention. Using Tiger Tail products 2-3 times a day may help speed healing. Over the course of time, muscle knots should get smaller or disappear.

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