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The Recess Starter Kit features all of Tiger Tail’s amazing tools to massage your neck, shoulder, back, and arms, help relieve sore muscles, soothe stress, and recover. This kit includes 3 muscle care tools plus the Fix “Ow” Now Self-Help Guide Book: The Original™ 18″, Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope, and The Knotty Tiger®.

Add the T-1000 Vibration Massager and get $75 off T-1000 when the cart total exceeds $400. Use coupon code T100075off

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PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any type of massage therapy or treatment, seek the advice of a physician.

Recess Starter Kit — includes 3 muscle care tools plus the Fix “Ow” Now Self-Help Guide Book.

  • The Original™ 18″ Handheld Foam Roller
  • Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope
  • Knotty Tiger

Recess Starter Kit features Tiger Tail’s favorite tools to relieve sore muscles on your neck, shoulder, back, and arms. They help you to soothe stress and recover.

The Original™ 18″ hand-held foam roller is an easy-to-use body foam roller. It does exactly what a floor foam roller does, except so much more. You don’t have to get on the ground, you can target specific muscle knots, you can control the pressure and you can roll a buddy. It is perfect for helping roll away minor muscle aches and soreness. Use it on your legs, arms, back, and more for quick muscle relief.

The Tiger Ball® 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope is excellent for reaching muscle knots in your back, shoulders, glutes, piriformis, hips, hamstrings, and feet. 100% silicone makes it easy to “dig” into the muscle knots for deep, targeted muscle knot relief.

The Knotty Tiger® is a powerful little knot-buster designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand. Provides deep penetrating muscle relief and is great for working out knots in the neck, shoulders, arms, IT band, pec muscles, and other areas.

The Fix “Ow” Now Self-Help Guide Book provides more than 260 pain mapping illustrations to help guide you to find the knot that can cause referred pain.

Add the T-1000 Vibration Massager and get $75 off T-1000 when the cart total exceeds $400. Use coupon code T100075off

  • Pre-activity: Warm up muscles and help prepare muscles for activity by rolling each muscle group 15-30 seconds.
  • During activity: Roll to help relieve minor muscle problems that might feel like: aches, soreness and tightness.
  • Post-activity: Roll to help prevent minor aches, soreness and discomfort.
  • 1
    The Original 18” Foam Roller: Apply about 10 pounds of pressure over muscles (+/- depending upon your needs) with your Tiger Tail hand-held foam rollers.

    Tiger Ball 2.6 Massage-on-a-Rope: Lean on a wall and apply pressure on your muscles with your Tiger Ball 2.6.

    Knotty Tiger: Apply pressure on your muscles with your Knotty Tiger
  • 2
    Relaxing your muscles during this process will help you massage the “belly” of the muscle.
  • 3
    You are the judge of how much pressure to apply. Strive for a “good hurt”- from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10. “Grimacing” with pressure can be described as that “hurts so good” feeling. It’s not unusual for people to laugh and/or get really serious when applying this type of pressure on a muscle knot. This is usually where we see the best success.
  • 4
    Always follow muscle paths. Massage each muscle group 10-20 seconds. With each pass, gently press deeper into the muscle. Avoid massaging directly over bones.
  • 5
    Tender muscle knots can reduce range of motion while causing minor aches, discomfort and muscle fatigue. Knots come in various sizes, like a pin head, pea, noodle or small pickle.
  • 6
    Minor discomfort or tenderness may be experienced when passing over muscle knots. To minimize knots, apply 10 seconds of firm, constant, focused strokes, for three sets.
  • 7
    Recurring or stubborn muscle knots often need additional attention. Using Tiger Tail products 2-3 times a day may help speed healing. Over the course of time, muscle knots should get smaller or disappear.

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