Muscle Knots After Back Workouts: What to Do About Them

If you are someone who regularly performs back workouts, you probably already know that it is not unusual to experience muscle knots after you have finished with your exercise routine. The worst part about it is that the aches and pains from these knots can last for hours or even days, leaving you in agony […]

Discovering Tiger Tail On The Fly

I started using Tiger Tail products in 2015 while I was participating in a 218.3-mile relay race called the Wild Rogue Rely, which takes place in Southern Oregon. I came into that race babying my hamstrings which were on the verge of failing me from over training. I was lucky enough to have a teammate […]

Travel with Tiger Tail

It never fails to amuse me when I have to explain to a TSA agent at the airport what exactly the black and orange stick is that I carry around in my bag.   Sometimes they just wave me off and smile and other times they look at it and try to figure out If it […]