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Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller

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The Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut Foam Roller is a revolutionary foam roller great for deep tissue muscle massage. This patent-pending inventive tool offers even, penetrating and controlled deep muscle massage with “Gription” on the muscle and fascia. The signature Tiger Tail “finger print” pattern helps it grip to surfaces to keep it from sliding around, helping with sustained traction on the muscle. The 4.4 in diameter and curved massage surface provides targeted muscle care and relief of minor muscle aches and soreness. The “groove” in the peanut offers perfect spinal spacing so that back massage hits all the muscles and avoids the spine.

PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any type of massage therapy or treatment, seek the advice of a physician or qualified professional.

  • 1
    Lie on top of your Tiger Ball 4.4 Peanut or lean onto it against a wall to apply pressure on your muscles.
  • 2
    Relaxing your muscles during this process will help you massage the “belly” of the muscle.
  • 3
    You are the judge of how much pressure to apply. Strive for a “good hurt”- from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10. If rolling on the floor is too painful for you, try rolling on a wall or on a bed. “Grimacing” with pressure can be described as that “hurts so good” feeling. It’s not unusual for people to laugh and/or get really serious when applying this type of pressure on a muscle knot. This is usually where we see the best success.
  • 4
    Always follow muscle paths. Massage each muscle group 10-20 seconds. With each pass, gently press deeper into the muscle. Avoid massaging directly over bones.
  • 5
    Tender muscle knots can reduce range of motion while causing minor aches, discomfort and muscle fatigue. Knots come in various sizes, like a pin head, pea, noodle or small pickle.
  • 6
    Minor discomfort or tenderness may be experienced when passing over muscle knots. To minimize knots, apply 10 seconds of firm, constant, focused strokes, for three sets.
  • 7
    Recurring or stubborn muscle knots often need additional attention. Using Tiger Tail products 2-3 times a day may help speed healing. Over the course of time, muscle knots should get smaller or disappear.
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